AEM Cooling Solutions offer an innovative combination of Site Assessment, CFD Modeling, Airflow Management, and Professional Maintenance Services.


We help to manage the airflow in your mission-critical data center and distribute it to the head load.




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AEM site assessment audit studies allow you and our team to gain a clearer understanding of how cooling, power and energy is being used in your respective data center.


Most importantly, these audit analyses and reports will help us to work together to outline customer cooling efficiency solutions that rectify all identifed issues.


Site Assessment will include several key components :


AEM Data Center Execute an extensive onsite cooling efficiency audit of the data center

AEM Data Center Establish a baseline cooling model of the data center

AEM Data Center Identify any hot spot or indirect cool air associated risks throughout the data center

AEM Data Center Identify areas of potential cooling inefficiencies

AEM Data Center Provide a customized solution to rectify any identified data center cooling or airflow inefficiencies



AEM will develop and provide detailed electronic reports that include the findings, analyses, and suggested solutions and rectifications, including:


AEM Data Center A detailed floor plan of the facility and equipment footprint

AEM Data Center Spreadsheet documenting temperature details throughout the data center

AEM Data Center Related 3D pictures of identified areas of focus as defined by the engagement

AEM Data Center Identified areas of inefficiencies

AEM Data Center Detailed recommendations for a more efficient data center

AEM Data Center Detailed return on investment for each recommended efficiency upgrade