AEM Cooling Solutions offer an innovative combination of Site Assessment, CFD Modeling, Airflow Management, and Professional Maintenance Services.


We help to manage the airflow in your mission-critical data center and distribute it to the head load.




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Data Center Cooling Analysis


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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling provides an in-depth analysis of your facility as it relates to cooling the thermal load.


This analysis report will supply you information so as to optimize the data center cooling performance as well as provide an ongoing tool to determine:


AEM Data Center Future equipment population ex. Blade Servers

AEM Data Center Additional cooling capacity

AEM Data Center Disaster recovery planning

AEM Data Center Impact on critical servers if CRAC units fail

AEM Data Center Design for future build outs



CFD modeling will provide a detailed view of your data center's cooling operations and efficiencies. Our report will include:


AEM Data Center A detailed floor plan of the facility and equipment footprint

AEM Data Center Temperature readings on both intake and exhaust of each computer rack

AEM Data Center Temperature readings at intake of each computer room air conditioner (CRAC)

AEM Data Center Subfloor air velocity

AEM Data Center Above-floor air circulation 3D views of temperature and airflow view of temperature and airflow

AEM Data Center Individual rack slice views of temperature and airflow